GLORY! New Mexican WW II Veteran to Celebrate Her 103rd Birthday!!

Tom Brokaw, in his book ‘The Greatest Generation’ draws on his own memories and interactions with a number of World War II veterans. His conclusion was this: “it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.” He argued that these men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do.”

Wally Moede served in World War II. SGT. U.S. Marines. Enlisted at age 17.
Marine SGT. Wally Moede pictured here in his office in China, near the Great Wall during World War II.

Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you Gabe Salazar of KOB TV for doing a story on this precious woman of God! Birthday girl Minnie Shipp mentions God in her interview with Gabe. This is such a wonderful story. We sure do need to honor those who answered the call to preserve our Country and the world. The World War II  generation is our greatest ever! The combination of living during the Great Depression and experiencing war-time rationing means many in this generation are well-versed in frugal living. They learned to make due. They also learned creativity in the face of scarcity. Back then the Country was mostly united and fighting to save the world. Look at us now! So very divided, so much hate, just 4% of us have a Biblical Worldview. So very, very sad! 46% Of U.S. Adults Now Unchurched

I was blessed that my folks are from the Great Generation ever! Glory to God! Why Do We Call Them the Greatest Generation?

Can you beleive that they survived without Facebook???!!! Very, very humble folks, unlike todays culture! I cannot even imagine The WW II  generation ever putting pictures on Facebook all the time about how great they are!! OR, a picture of their cut hand, or a picture of themselves with hardly any clothes on! LORD HAVE MERCY!……….we are messed up. Present day America does not know what being HUMBLE is!

In April of this year I officiated three Military services. We are losing our WW II Veterans very fast now, and I am doing many services from the Korean War and Vietnam War. The stories I hear are with me forever and ever! It makes me wat to help more and more.

I am so very blessed by God that He would have me serve these families. My Daddy, Wally Moede was a SGT. in the U.S. Marines in WW II. I also do this work to honor my Daddy and his 6 brothers who also served in WW II. They very seldom talked about the war. Very humble and not wanting to relive the horror of war.

If you want to know what is humble and see it in person, talk to someone from the GREATEST GENERATION EVER! WE STINK! A Generation That’s Almost Gone: A Review of ‘The Greatest Generation’ by Tom Brokaw

PS: Daddy came from a family of 13. Food was hard to come by. Grandma Moede had a huge garden to feed her troops! Love it!

The Lord showed me as I was working on this story, why I have conflict with the about 50% or more of the people in America, including Pastors! I do not see the world as they do. My grandparents, parents and Sunday School teachers, Pastors at the Church we attended, school teachers, taught me better than what is being taught to our children today in their homes, Churches, and schools. My stances have cost me the friendship of more than a handful. I step on toes from time to time and here on the FGGAM website. God did not start FGGAM to be a Christian/Political machine!!! God Founded FGGAM to share His light with one person at a time!  Sharon and I stand in the gap for GOD. We see the failure of the world. JESUS is the only answer! NOT POLITICS! LORD HAVE MERCY!

My Daddy taught me that sometimes the truth hurts.


A local World War II veteran is turning 103 next Friday.

“I wondered if I’d make it, when I went through 100, I wondered, well, how many more?” Minnie Shipp said. “And my son keeps telling me, Mom, you’re here for a purpose.” More Here

HOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! WOW WEE! GLORY! 91-year-old Missouri man rescues fire department with $500,000 donation

One of our favorite hang out places telling people about JESUS is the Smith where we shop. We always love on all the workers. They deal with a lot of stuff, yes even mean, impatient people! Love on those folks! We have a blast! All Americans need the pure, loving encouragement of JESUS!

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