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Spectrum Daily 1-14-15 with Pastor Dewey Moede

Looking back at 2014, I see miracles of God, He took a start up ministry a little over 2 years ago now and look at what God has done…in 2014 FGGAM website touched 4.8 million people PRAISE GOD! New York City is our number one city reached in the world, Albuquerque for now is number one. We reach worldwide for God’s Glory Alone, Israel is climbing into the top 10. Our main demographic is 18 to 24. Another PRAISE NOTE! God told me to reach His young people! When I preach, God has me seek out young people in the congregation and in the communities. We have made many young friends in the last year and I keep up with many of them by phone and Facebook!  God of miracles….with TV and radio and the Daily CUP, Preaching and counseling over 5 million people were touched by God through FGGAM in 2014. That is a conservative figure as we are careful in the figures we use. So very thankful for the skills of Isaac Milleson our Chief Technical Officer and Pastor Paul Holt for their technical, creative and measurable results resources. When we first launched this site we had maybe 150 people a day. As Kelly Snelgrove, who writes for us here at FGGAM. told me yesterday “You can see God’s hand in FGGAM” Amen to that sister! It is all God. It is so exciting in our Lord. We thank Him for all our volunteer writers! Amen! We thank the Lord for all our readers! Amen! We thank the Lord for all of those who support us by love offerings, we are so very thankful. I have been getting a lot of financial pleas from ministries, we know you have many choices when it comes to giving.

I see miracles of God, He took a start up ministry a little over 2 years ago now and look at what God has done…in 2014 FGGAM website touched 4.8 million people PRAISE GOD!

I must add that FGGAM uses all types of social media to reach the world for Jesus Christ. I am an old radio guy, so my kid’s, Sharon and Isaac and Paul have really helped me with Facebook, twitter, iTunes, YouTube, and others. Isaac is always hooking us up with new delivery systems. We use this technology for God’s Glory Alone! Amen!

But  we use face to face, I’m John Wesley, only I have a car not a horse. LOL! Someone in Reserve, New Mexico said to me at the local restaurant the last time I was there, “So, your one of those…what do you call them? Oh yes, your a circuit preacher!” LOL!

On my way out of Reserve I always make stops to visit with people that do not have a Church, I stop at the local restaurant and gas station.

Those Sundays are 8 hour in the car days to Reserve.

Going to Reserve has been a huge blessing, WOW! Miracles in faith!

The folks at the Reserve Baptist Church have become so special to me! They are such a blessing, Amen!

Someday I am going to write a book about all my travels! Amen! Lord Willing!

I tell Sharon the biggest spiritual high I get is preaching and sharing about Jesus Christ, reaching people for Him. I pray that someday I will preach everyday. One of my biggest Christmas blessings was being invited to deliver a sermon at the Indigo Mortgage Company Christmas party! Amen!!! I never had been invited to a businesses Christmas party do put forth a sermon! It was so Awesome! PRAISE GOD!

Kelly Snelgrove also said, “It’s hard to wrap my mind around those figures of people reached by FGGAM”

Yes me to.

You see, when God starts something and you are obedient to Him, it goes into a different realm, something beyond human understanding, You follow God, the Holy Spirit guides you. You trust, not that you will not have bad days and doubts, yes I do, but you always come back to God for everything.

I have put over 30,000 miles on the ministry car this year, a great expense, we may need a new car, (used car) in 2015. Right now the car needs repairs that will cost just over a thousand dollars, fuel pump and gas tank issues and on board computer problems, but we do limp along! Praise God! We travel all over New Mexico for God. We have had the blessing of upgrading twice in 2014, to larger servers to handle the growth of our website, another expense. We have everyday costs. We handle the calls for help 24/7, by answering the ministry help line.

We boast in our Lord for what He has done and is doing……..

Therefore, as it is written: “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” 1 Cor. 1:31

My life verse is……..”My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.” Acts 20:24

That also preaches to me in everything I do, unless people have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they will never know what they were to do with their life! Amen!

This ministry is operated out of my office at home.

God brought people together to shine his light, to bring salt and light to the World.

I get asked when are you going to move into your own building? When are you going to have your own Church?

I get that asked every week.

We try to be obedient to God in everything, we try not to do anything without hearing from God first, Amen!

For now, we are at, where God wants us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of For God’s Glory Alone Ministries.

For God’s Glory Alone, Dewey and Sharon, Family and FGGAM team

People have sent us so many letters in 2014, letters of their personal testimonies in what they have experienced with FGGAM. Many are posted on the website under Testimonials.

In closing read this please, click on these two links one of our many testimonies sent to us on the works of FGGAM, this one is from former Lt. Gov. of New Mexico Walter Bradley:

Frm. Lt. Governor of NM Walter Bradley Asks: Why FGGAM?

For God’s Glory Alone Ministries is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are dedicated to serving the body of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and commentary of current events.

dewey and friendsDewey Moede founded FGGAM as God called him out of Christian Radio into full-time ministry in Sept. of 2012, stepping out in faith to preach the gospel, encourage the body of Christ, and make a difference in this hurting world.

FGGAM provides encouragement, prayer, insights in the news, teaching, preaching,counseling services,accountability, christian entertainment, “Dewey and Friends” TV on KAZQ CH 32 in Albuquerque and News commentary, “This is the World we live in” on KDAZ Radio in Albuquerque. and much more. If you would like Dewey or his wife Sharon to speak at your Church or meeting, just email him at radiodewey@aol.com Pastor Paul Holt my partner here at FGGAM and my co-host on our radio program is also available to speak at your event.

Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede founders of FGGAM appeared on KCHF TV’s God Answers Prayer program with Ted Gonzales last year.

We thank Ted and all at Son Broadcasting for their love and support. Watch and listen as Dewey and Sharon share their Testimony…..


Dewey has been involved with Christian Radio and TV for 27 years and became a non-denominational Pastor 4 years ago.

FGGAM is made up of 20 volunteers to keep you informed and inspired at this web site and on TV and Radio. We have a Board of Directors made up of 7 wonderful, Godly people.

FGGAM is fueled by your love offerings each month. Planting seeds into FGGAM helps us bring forth fruit into the world for God’s Glory Alone. FGGAM is a non-profit ministry.

Pastor Dewey’s life verse is from Acts 20:24 My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for us as we go forth for God’s Glory Alone.

Year-old ‘For God’s Glory Alone Ministries’ is exciting venture for Windom native Dewey Moede.

By Dave Fjeld
deweytodayWhen Dewey Moede became general manager of the Albuquerque, N.M., Christian radio station KKIM, he was no doubt fully prepared for that being his last stop in the work-a-day world before unofficial retirement (“retirement” is a word that likely is not in his vocabulary).
But as Moede, a 1974 graduate of Windom Area High School, has discovered all too often, God can change those plans.
And Moede has always tried to answer his Maker’s call.
So, a year ago, acting on faith, Moede left his job at KKIM and set out to start “For God’s Glory Alone Ministries.” For those who know Moede and are faithful readers of his daily blog, “Dewey’s Daily Cup,” the phrase “for God’s glory alone” regularly props up in his posts.
“It’s all about God,” Moede says.
And that’s what For God’s Glory Alone Ministries (FGGAM) is all about. Actually, it’s many things and more things than Moede ever imagined when he created the fledgling nonprofit organization.
“The model for God’s Glory Alone Ministries is bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the world one person at a time,” Moede explains.
“In the last three months, the Lord has me counseling people, which is becoming a bigger part of the ministry than what I initially thought. I’m actually doing more counseling than preaching.”
That counseling has been to people who perhaps are embarrassed to go to their own pastor with their problem, or people who don’t attend a church, and some who are seeking God and discover FGGAM. However, Moede believes in the power of a church body and quickly tries to connect, or reconnect, the person with a church and pastor and, if necessary, have them seek further counseling.
“I thank the Lord that He has made us available to these people, to let them unload on us and have us help them and we’ll pray with them,” Moede says. “So, we try to be a bridge; FGGAM is a bridge for God.”
Moede says he’s doing two things through his ministry, two things that he says everyone needs to do: be obedient to God and be consistent with that obedience.
“When we are obedient and consistent, God covers us in His favor and we must not walk out of that favor. We must not turn to the left or the right and we must always have our ears in tune to God’s ways,” Moede says.
Meanwhile, Moede’s wife, Sharon, has been doing more speaking and teaching in addition to her duties at the Presbyterian healthcare system in Albuquerque.
“When she speaks to different departments and people, the reports always come back that the departments’ efficiency and morale go up,” Moede says.
“I couldn’t do this without Sharon. If a man doesn’t have his wife with him on a mission, the man is going to fail. And my wife is with me and I’m with her. That relationship is the most vital one next to the relationship with God.”
Getting its start
The notion of FGGAM began in May 2012 after Moede had a conversation with a man he considers his earthly spiritual father, Pastor Larry Moss.
“What he told me was, ‘God does not want you concerned with the day-to-day operations of a radio station. He wants you out preaching the Word,’  ” Moede recalls. “Shortly thereafter I had two or three other people tell me that God had told them the same thing. And you have to listen when Godly people speak to you because God does speak to us through other people.”
Although Moede initially drug his feet, on Sept. 1, FGGAM was born. It was a major step of faith, especially when he told his wife that he was going to leave a regular paycheck for full-time ministry and no paycheck.
“That’s where our faith comes in and this calling from God has not made our marriage weaker, it’s made it stronger,” Moede contends.
But Moede believes that the changes that happened in his life while at KKIM set him up for this new venture. While at KKIM, he became a pastor, began preaching, started counseling others and also started a weekly TV program. It was all part of his desire to follow God’s Great Commission — to go and preach and teach the Word.
Moede continues to do his regular radio and TV programs, but has also created www.fggam.org, a Christian web site for news and inspiration, which in June had its 20,000th visitor since its launch on Feb. 1. The site has had visits from all over the world. In fact, behind the U.S., the country with the second most visits to the site is Great Britain followed by India.
“When one of those 20,000 people come to the web site they get a taste of Jesus, even if it’s only for 60 seconds,” Moede contends. “And there’s that old saying that ‘We may be the only Bible some will ever see before they come to Jesus.’  ”
Moede also credits Pastor Paul Holt, a Baptist preacher in Magdalena, N.M., who helped launch the site and continues to assist Moede with its operation.
Making a difference
And the ministry is making a difference. Shortly after FGGAM got up and running, Moede met a man at a convenience store he frequents, who was thin and obviously not in good health. Moede invited him to a church at which he was preaching that Sunday.
windomThe man and his wife accepted the invitation, were touched by Moede’s message and became connected to the church and the church’s pastor, Marty Cooper. Today, they are members of that church.
“They came back to God and now he’s on fire for God. That’s the mission God has given me, to bring people to Christ or bring them back into the body of Christ and let them be light,” Moede says.
FGGAM does not have a staff although Moede does have volunteers, like Pastor Holt, who help with the ministry.
It also has a seven person board of directors and is supported solely by love offerings.
“God never orders anything unless he’s already paid for it,” Dewey says. “So, you go on faith every day.
Moede says this venture also has helped him reconnect with people from Windom as well as his high school classmates scattered throughout the U.S. In fact, he chokes up when he thinks back to his hometown, which helped him build a firm foundation in God. He says the lessons he learned from his Sunday School and school teachers are what built that foundation and he believes that’s what is lacking in America today.
“It’s part of our Godly duty to show the world how important are those roots, families, moms and dads, and communities. That’s where the foundation of our lives is built — where we’re born and the families we’re born into. Today, that’s being ripped apart. So many families don’t have a mother or dad present, the children are being raised by grandparents,” Dewey says. “That’s why anything and everything about Windom is very, very special to me.”
The future
What’s the future for FGGAM?
“All I can tell you is what God has shown me and that is to keep going and doing what we’re doing. The plan will unfold as God unfolds it,” he says.
From the Cottonwood County Citizen Windom, Minn.

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