YIKES!!! What do you think folks? 200K is a lot of money…could feed many……could clothe many. I am sure many of you are thinking what you would do with that money to make a difference in the Kingdom! My head is spinning! Is it really carrying out The Great Commission? Why Churches Talk the Great Commission But Don’t Do It


Janna Firestone

Dr. Hal Kitchings serves as the senior pastor at Easthaven Baptist Church in Brookhaven, Mississippi. In his time at the church, he has cast a vision for a 150-foot giant cross on the church’s property.

“There [are some crosses] in other states, or at least one in another state, that is taller than 150 feet,” Kitchings told KCRG News. “So it’s not like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna get the tallest cross in the world ‘cause we want attention.’” The Rest of The Story Here

Southern Baptists See Decline in Number of Congregations and Churches

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