Why Churches Talk the Great Commission But Don’t Do It

Chuck Lawless: Pastors are themselves not committed to this task. Again, leaders whose ministries are built on the Bible often do proclaim the mandate. I cannot say these words strongly enough, however: I have never seen a Great Commission church led by a pastor who was not himself deeply committed to the task. Unless a pastor bleeds for his neighbors and the nations to know Christ, the church he leads will not live out this burden, either.

FGGAM Photo of Amy who is from Castle Rock, Colorado. Sharon and I helped her and her family reestablish their relationship with GOD
FGGAM Photo of Sharon sharing the love of Jesus in rural Montana. FGGAM is a Great Commission Ministry.

For many years I have been calling out the American Church about the overall failure of the Church not carrying out The Great Commission. I have preached this until I am blue in the face. I have been asked, why I you preach on the Great Commission so much?….I said until YOU GET IT! I see this as the biggest failure in American Church history. The Church needs to look at itself in the mirror, do you see yourself doing the work JESUS commands us to do?

I have sounded the alarm on this so much! George Barna research shows that just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview! Just 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview. Sounds like a 100 alarm fire from hell to me!!!!!!

Throughout the book of Acts, we see how the apostles began to fulfill the Great Commission, as outlined in Acts 1:8. First, Jerusalem is evangelized (Acts 1 — 7); then the Spirit expands the church through Judea and Samaria (Acts 8 — 12); finally, the gospel reaches into “the ends of the earth” (Acts 13 — 28). Today, we continue to act as ambassadors for Christ, and “we plead on Christ’s behalf: ‘Be reconciled to God’” (2 Corinthians 5:20, CSB). More here from Got Questions

What are you doing about it?

FGGAM GREAT COMMISSION TRIPS: In the last 2 years Sharon and I have traveled to throughout New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota. Sharon was not with me when I went to Minnesota. We sure miss our ministry pup Daisy in these trips. Daisy helped share the love of JESUS with all! God’s creation!

FGGAM shining the light of JESUS to one person at a time! YES IT IS WORK! BUT! JOY! GLORY TO GOD! Evangelism is not easy! Too many Christians sit on their butt! I call it the sit-more-do-little Church.

We thank Charles Stanley’s ministry and Dwight Kastendieck of Grants, Nm for all the ministry tools they supply us with! Glory to God in the highest!

Why Churches Talk the Great Commission but Don’t Do It

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