Man oh man! I love this story! I love that her goal is to shine for JESUS and make Him famous! GLORY! What a tremendous testimony!!!!!! Paige is surely a shining star for JESUS!


Stephanie Martin

After leading her team back to another Final Four, University of Connecticut basketball star Paige Bueckers praised God for building her character through “trials and tribulations.” The 2021 Naismith College Player of the Year has faced a slew of injuries in college, including a torn ACL that sidelined her for the entire 2022-23 season.

Bueckers, also known as Paige Buckets, is one of the game’s best playmakers. The 22-year-old Minnesota native is also an outspoken Christian who posts Bible verses on social media. As a freshman at UConn, Bueckers said her goal was to shine for Jesus and “make him famous.” The Rest of The Story Here

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