At times I grow weary for seeing all the ugly in America. I grow weary from all the people that are killed and hurt and those left behind to grieve. BUT! The Lord and my Sharon fill my cup. I have another funeral to officiate in the morning.

This is an excellent message by Leslie Carr. I needed this today! Glory to God in the Highest!


Leslie Carr

Life can feel like a battle sometimes. You know the expressions – ones like “Every time I seem to get ahead, something seems to knock me two steps back”; or “I’m doing good just to keep my head above water”; or “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all”; or “that’s just my luck”; and the all too prideful coping statement “If the Lord never gives more than I can handle, He must think I’m awfully strong.” Well, the fact is you and I are in a battle.  But, it is not a battle of finances, physical health, time management, or anything of the physical realm. It’s a spiritual battle and it is real. It may sometimes manifest itself in the physical life, but it is really being waged in and on our souls. More Here

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