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Dr. Jim Denison

This week, we’ve been exploring ways to find optimism in pessimistic times. Today’s news demonstrates the relevance of our theme:

  • A cyberattack shut down a pharmacy system that handles fifteen billion healthcare transactions annually.
  • The co-director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute told MIT Technology Review that AI poses “catastrophic risks to society.”
  • The founder of Anthropic, who has raised $7.3 billion for his AI start-up, says there’s a 10 percent to 25 percent chance AI technology could destroy humanity.
  • Demonstrating how difficult it will be for Israel to eradicate Hamas, the terror group’s Lebanon branch fired forty rockets into Israel yesterday morning.
  • Scientists are warning that ancient viruses frozen in the Arctic permafrost could be released by Earth’s warming climate and unleash a major disease outbreak.
  • A wildfire in the Texas panhandle forced a temporary shutdown of the nation’s primary nuclear weapons facility. The blaze is only 3 percent contained as of this morning and is now the second-largest in state history. At least one person has died in the wildfire.
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