I do not write to please man, I write what God tells me to write. I awake with the Holy Spirit as my guide, not politics. JESUS! JESUS!

If you think the GOP or DEMS are going to save America, you are very foolish. The politicians in this country, as a whole, are a very bad example as to what a Christian is to be! They eat their own!

AMEN! AND AMEN! GLORY TO GOD! THE TRUTH HAS BEEN SPOKEN! Once again, Thank you Mr. Barna!  I feel like the lone wolf here in New Mexico! For years now we have been sharing with the world the research of George Barna. BUT! The American Church seems to be deaf and blind to it! Tear down those walls!! What good is a building? Church attendance continues to drop in America! Wake Up! Time is urgent! We have a Church on every street corner here in Albuquerque and we are sinking into hell very fast. There is division in the Church here in Albuquerque, I SEE IT I HEAR IT! There is not much unity of Pastors here at all! I have nothing to lose, as I am all sold out to GOD! I do not care what man thinks of me! ONLY GOD!! I am going to God and all is well with my soul. I have poured it all out. I am not part of the Christian ‘click’ here. Go and carry out The Great Commission! These are desperate days, honorific days. Everyday here in New Mexico and all over America people are dying without knowing Jesus! Do you think God may ask you about why you did not carry out The Great Commission? Why you did not baptize more people? I get reports of the lack of baptisms from all over the state.

Last month I preached at a Church with a small campus, but a campus non the less, that seats around 350 folks. The Church is dead. Just 17 members hanging on, no young folks coming up through the ranks. Such a beautiful Church, it broke my heart. It lacks the Holy Spirit. Years ago when I was helping  a Church that had gone through 4 splits, the head of the conference of that particular denomination told me, “Dewey, some Churches just need to have a funeral.” WOW! That set me back, made me sad, I had never heard that before. After awhile it made all the sense in the world. Some Churches are dead or dying. The Holy Spirit is not there. What role will your church play in restoring what’s been lost in New Mexico?

Politics is the playground of Satan. Too many Pastors and congregants have fallen in love with politics over the years, and that has divided the Church very, very badly. Too many have been showing an unbelieving America what it wants to see from Christians.

We all need to look into the mirror, and ask ourselves what are we really doing to be effective for God. We then need to seek God and ask Him. I do it everyday. I will not be satisfied until I get to heaven. As you probably can tell by reading this, I am not a popular Pastor, because I am not of the world, but of God. I do not care about popularity.

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