The Table Set With Love… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


The Table Set With Love

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. It is a good feeling to know that we are a loved people. It is still the month of February, and I am still celebrating the greatest love I have ever received. Valentine’s Day is long gone now, but the love of God is for every day. God’s agape love brings a peace to the human heart like no other. I must admit I still pray the scripture at times from 1 John 4:18 perfect love casts out fear. I can get myself into some pretty hairy situations at times. How about you?

Recently, I re-aired a broadcast on my radio show Destiny Moments with a pastor that travels the world. This guy that once was a man found on the side of a road. It was in the hospital facing death that God revealed himself to this man. No one ever told him about Jesus. Churches was plentiful in his area, but he told my listeners that no one told him.

In my prayer time sometimes, I say God it’s blondie again. Can you help me out on this one? Can you show me this, or I don’t understand, can you teach me? He is so patient and faithful to show me things and bring me understanding and he will to you as well. He is the best Father. The Father of the world.

Recently, I was in a church service and the visiting Evangelist said as he breezed on by me, blondie, I want to pray for you. I couldn’t help but laugh as no one knows that is how I pray at times, but me and God.

You are invited to sit at the same table this morning. No matter where you have been, what you have done, God’s love is enough to purify the heart. Do you feel his draw today?

Let’s Pray:


Father, thank you for your love. Thank you, God, for open doors. From the Crown of Maine to seven continents of the world, we say God’s love is and was enough. We declare open doors around the world. We declare harvest time. We declare revival, we declare awakening. We declare it’s time. The time in the world that all the beautiful people know how much you love them. Not religion, not manmade rules and philosophies, but the true love of God that leads man to repentance.

Oh God, you died for people. May the churches be full of loving people. Forgive us God for making our churches about programs and making businesses out of them. Holy Spirit lead our churches in the days ahead. Ignite the fire. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. His love is agape. Get it deep down in your heart today. Meet you at the table…

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4:8)



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