Children are intended to be a blessing from God and an expansion of the family that begins with husband and wife. When God established the first family back in the Garden of Eden, He blessed Adam and Eve, then instructed them to “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28) .

Moreover, children are a blessing from the Lord in that they demonstrate many character qualities that God wants His kingdom servants to cultivate (Matthew 18:3–419:14Mark 10:14–15Luke 18:16–1722:26 1 Peter 2:2).

I always wonder every day when I see reports like this, all  hell breaking loose in America, what does God thinks of us? I wonder all the time why He just doesn’t bring us to an end. I talk to the Lord all the time! I am thankful that we can do that. Do you talk to God? I will spend the rest of my time fighting for His babies and all people.

Credit: City of Belen, New Mexico [] Belen, New Mexico Baby Box Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Oct. 24th, 2023.
Baby Boxes are need in every city, town and village in New Mexico and all of America! We as people of God need to help these babies and their mothers. I am so very, very thankful for all those that are leading the charge here in New Mexico to get baby boxes into every community!

My heartbreaks for all those that are lost in our society, will we ever get better as a people? We the Church, must do better at reaching those that are hurting.

KOAT TV reports the devastating news out of Springer, New Mexico:

Officials are investigating after a newborn baby was found dead at a truck stop.

The Colfax County Sheriff’s Office says they were called to the TA gas station in Springer on Monday morning. When deputies arrived, they found a newborn baby dead in one of the restrooms. More Here

One of God’s Babies Dropped off at a Safe Haven Baby Box at the Belen, New Mexico Fire Station

From Feb 7th, 2024

I thank all those who have made the baby boxes possible in this state and across America. You are saving one of God’s babies one at a time. I will never understand why all Churches do not have a baby box! God Bless the Belen, New Mexico Fire Department and all those that worked to place a safe haven baby box at the fire station. The fight to save God’s babies in America continues. Pastor! Are you speaking against the evil of killing God’s babies? Are you training your congregation on how to build bridges of love and trust with all people? Are you being the hands and feet of Jesus? Do you have godly compassion for God’s babies? Are you inviting Pro-Life speakers into your Church to educate your congregation on the actions that need to be taken in your community? If not, why not?

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