FGGAM Photo of Sharon sharing the love of Jesus in rural Montana in the summer of 2022. FGGAM is a Great Commission Ministry. Our mission from God is to shine His light to one person at a time.

FGGAM Photo from Denver camp for the homeless in the summer of 2023. Pastor Dewey, Gretchen and Lars shared the love of Jesus with food and treats to all

Why do I post a story like this? Because it makes my work tougher as a Pastor. TOUGHER out on the streets and byways. An unbelieving world likes to throw things like this at you when you are out and about like me and Sharon sharing the love of JESUS to the lost. Yesterday I had a man tell me here in Albuquerque that “Christians…..mmm.. I don’t know……my wife was not a Church goer but she was the most loving caring person ever, better than any Christian. I don’t know, he mumbled… The man is disgusted by Christians. He sees the bad behavior. Seriously, I could start a Church crime page on our website. LORD have mercy! You need to remember that just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. It is getting darker. An unbelieving world will not take the time to find out that the majority of Pastors and congregants are wonderful folks, a few rotten apples now spoil the bunch in the present day America. Many are looking for the dirt in the Church.

It is important that you join me and Sharon and get out of your comfort zone and share JESUS with an unbelieving world, It is called THE GREAT COMMISSION! You need to find out for yourself what Americans are saying about the Church and why they do not go anymore. Get out of your walls. My goodness!

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Texas SBC Pastor Aaron Ivey Fired for ‘Clear Pattern of Predatory Manipulation’

IHOPU’s President Resigns Less Than 2 Weeks After IHOPKC Permanently Cut Ties

‘The Ship Is Sinking’: Alaska Pastor Pens Open Letter to Southern Baptist Convention, Announces His Church’s Disaffiliation

The following report is by Larry Barker of KRQE TV in Albuquerque. I am praying over this. Just think all of the people that are seeing this report and saying, “I told you those Christians are bad people.” I do not know Andrew Miller, and I do not know of the Church he was with or is with. (KRQE) – A con man, child abuser, and now a suspected rapist. Investigative Reporter Larry Barker has been tracking Andrew Miller for more than 25 years, and Miller is still on probation from a 2006 Larry Barker investigation. Now, Miller has been charged with two counts of rape while being the senior pastor of a local church. Larry Barker Report


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