We are praying for the safety of all!

From AccuWeather:

Millions of people in the Plains and Midwest will barely have time to catch their breath after a massive winter storm affects the region into Tuesday night with heavy snow, drenching rain and high winds before an even stronger and colder storm blasts the region from Friday to Saturday. AccuWeather meteorologists warn that while the first storm will disrupt travel, the second storm could shut down travel and create dangerous conditions for those caught outdoors.

Blizzard warnings were in effect for wide open areas of the Great Plains states on Monday from the first storm that is tracking toward more heavily populated locations in the Midwest and interior Northeast. This system will eventually shift into Canada at midweek.

The atmosphere is making up for lost time in terms of wintry conditions and snow following a relatively mild and snowless start to the season in a large part of the central United States. More Here From AccuWeather

Baby Rescued from Blizzard in New Mexico

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