Man Oh Man! This story blows my socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallajuha! Glory to God in the Highest! Praise the Lord! Oh Lord, thank you for these people! Thank you Lord for their  loving and powerful ministry to the world! This message appears in Outreach Magazine.

At 7 a.m. Nigerian time each weekday morning, Pastor Jerry Eze, often accompanied by his wife and a church staff member, broadcasts a live prayer meeting on YouTube. Among the 1.7 million subscribers globally, no one would mistake it as a time of quiet, reflective intercession. Instead, it’s marked by an intensity, fervency and spiritual passion as the threesome claim specific Scriptures and name specific needs from a formidable stack of printed prayer requests piled in front of them. Toward the end of the broadcast, they play videos of people testifying of answered prayer, often miraculously and supernaturally.

Going by the unassuming name New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations channel, it is possibly the world’s largest daily online prayer gathering. The online prayer sessions are an outgrowth of Streams of Joy International Church, a congregation founded by Eze. Today, boosted by the vast prayer session viewership, the church draws 20,000 every week to its primary location in Abuja, and 25,000 more from the campuses across Nigeria, and even more from 12 campuses worldwide. More Here

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