PARENTS! Get yourself and your children disconnected from evil! Do you not see the destruction that is talking place?????? NONE!!! NONE!! of our adult children and grandchildren us social media, Sharon also uses no social media. I use it for ministry. BUT! I will not touch that evil TikTok for the life of me! I also see to many suggestive photos on Facebook, be careful of posting pictures of your children. Make sure they have enough CLOTHING ON! Some adults need that reminder also! Who are you posing for???? For heaven’s sake! NOT EVERYONE HAS PURE MOTIVES! Check in with God before you post!! Yep, I am a Dad and Grandpa, I watch out for all children.

From The Christian Post:

Approximately 200 school districts nationwide have filed lawsuits against several social media giants, accusing the companies of fueling a youth mental health crisis in the U.S. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education in North Carolina is the latest to file a suit against Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram), Google (owner of YouTube), ByteDance (owner of TikTok) and Snap Inc. (owner of Snapchat) over concerns about students’ mental health. Read more.

Got Questions states: Christians who choose to participate in social networking should be aware of the negative aspects of social networking. It should be remembered that not everyone on the Internet has pure motives, and we should use safety precautions, utilize the privacy settings, and be selective as to who is accepted as a “friend” or “fan.” Parents should regularly interact with their children and be active participants in their child’s use of social networking sites. In addition, Christians should be aware of the danger of the narcissism (excessive self-love and preoccupation with self) inherent in self-oriented sites. Studies have shown that overuse or wrong motives in social media participation can breed narcissism. More Here

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