I have many friends in Catron county, the result of my circuit preaching in that county for over 11 Years now. I will be at the FBC in Glenwood on Oct. 8th. My friends love their Sheriff. This is the response of Sherriff Keith Hughes on the latest mandate by the governor:
In reference to the Governor’s mandate on firearm restrictions. I had had a number of citizens of this county inquire want my stance is on this issue. To keep it short and sweet when took my oath of office I swore to uphold the Constitution of United States. This is something I take very seriously and as long as I the Sheriff of Catron County this office will never enforce unconstitutional mandates that go against what this country was founded on. Law abiding citizens who are arm is not the problem with what is happening in the State of New Mexico. The entire problem stems from allowing criminals have free rein. To sum it up basically the Catron County Sheriff’s Office totally supports not only your 2nd amendment rights but all others in the Constitution. I also have no problem in saying that the other leaders of this County will support me in saying this. May God help us all when government decides against the well being of the citizens they represent by taking actions such as this
Sheriff Keith Hughes
Catron County, New Mexico
Pastor Dewey Moede: The Governor of this state is allowing babies to be killed through abortion. See links below. BUT! FOR SHOW, SHOW ONLY! She puts this ridiculous mandate in place! My goodness governor! Do not the lives of God’s babies mean anything to you? What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God.

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