That cloud of death just gets thicker over New Mexico…….


New Mexico and Wyoming had the largest increase in abortions, with more than three times as many provided in the first half of 2023 compared with 2020. The number of abortions also more than doubled in Kansas and South Carolina at that time.

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Basic Christianity needs to be preached in New Mexico.

Have New Mexicans forgotten how to repent? Do you know what that means? Change of behavior! The word repentance in the Bible literally means “the act of changing one’s mind.” True biblical repentance goes beyond remorse, regret, or feeling bad about one’s sin. It involves more than merely turning away from sin. Eerdmans Bible Dictionary includes this definition of repentance: “In its fullest sense it is a term for a complete change of orientation involving a judgment upon the past and a deliberate redirection for the future.” More Here

HEARTS NEED TO BE CHANGED FOR JESUS! NM Governor Lujan Grisham declares gun violence a public health emergency after 11-year-old boy shot to death

Greg Laurie lists 4 ways Christians will live as ‘last days believers’ in the End Times

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