I am writing this just before 2pm, MT Time. I just got off the phone with Windom Prayer Warrior Clara Nelson! We had a wonderful conversation! She is resting in a Sioux Falls, South Dakota Hospital. The Doctors had suspected that Clara suffered a stroke a couple days ago but now they say Clara had a seizure. Her mind is clear, she suffered no paralysis!!!! Speech is as good as ever! She is eating!!! Clara is 94 years young and still teaching us the ways of GOD! GOD is still in the miracle making business! TELL THE WORLD!!!

I told her we all are praying for her and she said, she loves you all!

Clara was telling me she was thinking of how she would play the piano and sing her favorite songs like, “Jesus Loves Me This I know The Bible Tells Me So”, “I will make you Fishers of Men” and “Good News.”

Clara stressed to me again that we need to start the children right away in Sunday School so they know the Bible!

I have learned so much from Clara that helps me in everyday life and in ministry for sure! I have learned TRUE FAITH IN GOD from her! Amen!

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