This is why I am not a Republican or Democrat! Both parties are for this! This is all New Mexico needs.. home delivery of booze!!!! HOW CRAZY!!!! Where a state loves booze and so many are so lazy they have to have their booze delivered! Come on New Mexico! In a state that has such a high rate of alcoholism and drunk driving and drunk driving deaths, this just makes access to booze more easy……I just do not understand. I am praying against the passage of legalized pot….that still has a chance of passing. All this is a prime case of looking for money (revenue) in all the wrong places! This has been a very sad legislative session for the sanctity of life…. pro-abortion bill passes, assisted suicide passes……How can God be happy with New Mexico? This will not solve anything for New Mexico, it will add to the problem list.

New Mexico has a huge drug problem. The state is well-known for its battles with drug addictions, overdoses, and deaths and ranks among the worst in the nation for many different types of drug-related issues. To better understand just how bad the drug problem is in New Mexico, check out these 13 sobering statistics on drug use and abuse in the state.

Drugs and Alcohol Are at Least Partially to Blame for All 10 of the Leading Causes of Death in New Mexico

Are there any morals left in New Mexico?

I have stated since we moved here in 1995 needs to diversify its economy….I guess Casinos, booze and pot is all they can come up with! OH! I should not forget all the tax breaks given the movie industry!

KOB TV REPORTS: Gov. Lujan Grisham released the following statement: 

“As lawmakers from both parties said over the course of debate, this was an example of productive and creating problem-solving, with well-considered and compassionate and careful arguments made on both sides of a complicated and charged issue. Like any bipartisan compromise, at the end of the day, most if not all will feel both that they got some of what they wanted and had to give some of what they didn’t. Ultimately I side with those who argued that reform, after so many decades, is more than warranted, and that these reforms, in particular, will move us forward as a state – not only by providing an important new revenue stream for the restaurant and hospitality industry but by making this industry more accessible to more New Mexicans while including important safeguards.”

Complete Report From KOB TV NEWS

What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol?

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