I so much loved meeting the late great man of God Chuck Colson years ago in Albuquerque thanks to Former New Mexico Congressman now Pastor Bill Redmond! I was so super blessed to do an in-depth interview with Chuck and air it on KKIM Christian Radio. Bill and others arranged an awesome meeting open to all at the Convention Center and we had Pastors from all 33 counties in New Mexico! People got so charged up for the Glory of the Lord! It was such an AWESOME DAY IN THE LORD! I feel bad for people that have not studied the life of Chuck Colson from Watergate to Prison to JESUS!!!! One night about 16 years ago or so…on Chuck’s radio program “Breakpoint” he said “The American Church has turned into a high school pep rally.” HE NAILED IT! SO TRUE! I try to implement everyday what I learned from Chuck! Chuck brought such a Biblical Worldview to us and it still lives on with his writings. A lot of the Church likes to point at others for the downward spiral of America….but it needs to look into the mirror!


CHRISTIAN SOCIAL WITNESS 10 Chuck Colson Quotes on Placing Hope in God, Not Politics Chelsen Vicari on November 7, 2016

Against the Night : Living in the New Dark Ages by Charles W. Colson

Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

America is changing for the bad at a fast pace……..What will America look like in 6 months?

I was telling a dear friend today this is the worst time in America since the Civil War. I do not see a Abraham Lincoln on the horizon …I see a godless America that is split in many, many pieces, including the Church. Lincoln fought to save the Union, ended up costing him his life. Many Americans do not realized how much Lincoln fought with people on both sides to keep the Union together. The problem with this current Civil War in America, it is not just the North vs. the South…it is split in many evil groups, like QAnon, WOKE, Proud Boys, groups that have made god’s out of politicans…….etc…I told my friend I fear for my children and grandchildren. The Church has lost its influence. America is no longer a good example to the world and has not been for years! We are a mess. Stay close to JESUS! Tell everybody about the only one that saves! JESUS! Fulfill THE GREAT COMMISSION!!!! Heaven or hell is the choice for all of us! We will all be accountable for what we did or what we did not do.

We need more preachers that will dip a sponge in water and charge into the hell in America and save people!

The American Church has failed to Fulfill The Great Commission, It loves preaching to the choir!

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