The catalyst for change is usually a need to improve or enhance one’s experience or situation.  An effort to shine a light on needed reform.  This need is often brought to our attention in the form of protests and demonstrations such as in the case of workers feeling the need for better pay, safer work conditions, etc., or the current call for police reform and better treatment of black people. Picketing, marching, chanting slogans…Protesting has become a way of life for many as change is needed in many areas. But what is the biggest change that’s needed?  A change of heart perhaps and a clearer understanding of what the problems really are.

Today in Washington D.C. Christians are coming together, not in protest, but to march and pray for the condition of our country…praying for revival and unity as we find ourselves surrounded by turmoil and tribulation of all kinds: riots, looting, murder, sex trafficking, unrest and political arguments on all sides. We are at a crossroads and the path we take must be one blessed by God, dedicated to the renewal of our minds and a change of hearts for Jesus Christ.

My prayer for today is for God to remove the clouds of doubt and fear that have kept us silent for so long while the world around us took advantage of every opportunity to push our Lord aside and make their own laws.  I pray the people will get to know the God who rolled back the waters of the Red Sea for the people to cross, who healed the sick and gave sight to the blind…and caused blindness so the truth could be seen.  The God that loves us so much that He allowed His own Son to be crucified and put to death so that we might be forgiven.  The God who arose and now lives in the hearts of those who believe.

I pray our voices will be louder and reach farther than any protest… and instead of tearing down and burning buildings, His truth will build up the hearts of men and cause His truth to set us on fire with the power of His love and the desire to see our people saved.

All lives matter to the only One who matters…God.  Let us pray today and every day that God would lead us back to the land of milk and honey and cause us to realize that time is running out.  Every day that passes brings us closer to the end of time when we will all stand face to face with Him and be held accountable.  All have sinned and fallen short, but some of us have made the decision to follow Him.  Do you know that Jesus Christ will intercede for you and that your sins are covered by His blood?  The wages (payment) for sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through our faith in Jesus Christ.

May the Lord be lifted up in America today…and all days that He gives us to live for Him.  May He shower us with blessings of love, hope and the knowledge that all things work together for good for those that love Him.  May we then be blessed with the courage to step out in faith and carry out the commission He gave us to go into all the world and tell the good news of Jesus Christ…all the world includes our homes and our neighborhoods; our corner where we are. May God bless America again by making us truly united with one mind and one cause…to bring the gospel to all.  I pray for these things in the name of the only One whose name brings salvation, Jesus Christ.  Amen


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