Before “For God’s Glory Alone” there was KKIM Christian Talk Radio. Before KKIM there was a parade of other station gigs and many godly influences weaving a deep pattern of faith and trust into the heart and mind of a young man from Minnesota. He would eventually lead a small, but mighty, ministry with a worldwide reach.


Running a ministry founded on a life of faith and trusting God isn’t easy, but Dewey Moede was prepared many years prior to founding FGGAM. As his obedient and trusting heart developed, Dewey was ready to step out when God called him away from his radio career.


Over the years of working with both “Radio Dewey” and “FGGAM Dewey”, I have witnessed a man completely devoted to Jesus Christ…a modern bond-servant of sorts. His obedient heart inspires me, and his mouth always sings the praises of our Lord and Savior. His ways don’t garner the praises of many of his Christian contemporaries, but neither did Jesus’s ways draw in His own people during his earthly ministry. However, for genuine seekers, Dewey’s methods of love and grace beckon the lost, comfort the hurting, gird the faithful, and tweak the comfortable.


FGGAM isn’t a typical church ministry, but in a day when many “traditional” churches rarely reflect the Jesus lauded by the solid churches of yesteryear, FGGAM draws in worldwide seekers. Through the online arm of its organization, seekers from oppressive countries find hope in Jesus. The print and radio portion’s influence stretches from Chama, NM to Windom, MN and many places in between. And the FGGAM podcast? Well, it reaches parts unknown thanks to our Father above! But wait…there’s MORE!! Dewey ministers, face-to-face, in many places that most of us tend to forget….Walmart parking lots, sterile hospital rooms filled with people in need of physical and spiritual healing, cemeteries awash with the tears of mourners, a friendly business owner in need of prayer, and a random man on the street. Dewey reaches deeply and lovingly into places of great need that society often overlooks. That is the heart of FGGAM.


But, there is still more to this mighty ministry. I affectionately refer to Dewey as the “traveling preacher man” because he travels much of Western New Mexico (and beyond) to bring God’s Word to rural churches that are barely a blip on the radar of large church conglomerates. These small churches don’t have mega-church attendance. None of them have glitzy TV ministries, and they don’t churn out best-selling books once a year. They don’t garner much notice from big ministries, but they DO have the attention of Dewey. Dewey joyfully answers the need in places such as Reserve, Quemado, and Glenwood.


FFFAM doesn’t dazzle with glitz and glamor. Dewey doesn’t rely on silly gimmicks to draw in hearts. God and His glory is the focus. Many seekers of today unwittingly search for a message that dances a dangerous tango with our deteriorating culture. People look for experience over the solid teaching of the Word. They are mesmerized by the mysteries of some mystical god that strays from, or adds to, the prophecies of the Bible. And much of the teaching coming from today’s pulpits is wrought with man-centered philosophies at the expense of God’s sovereignty.


The God of the Bible is IN the Bible. He’s on the lips of solid Christian preachers, teachers, and leaders. As believers it is our due diligence to seek the Scripture so we do not fall prey to the snake oil salesmen hindering God’s influence on earth:


“Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true,” Acts 17:11, (NIV).


As any thirsty student of the Bible should do, believers are to verify that any teaching they receive line up with God’s Word. Whether it’s Beth Moore, Billy Graham, Dewey Moede, Shona Neff, or any FGGAM writer, invest the time to verify biblical truths on your own. And, just a side note…beyond FGGAM, when it comes to churches, their leaders and outreaches, be certain to check if their activities, leadership staff, organizational hierarchy and teachings follow (but are not limited to) First and Second Peter and First and Second Timothy.


After watching and associating with Dewey for over a decade, it’s hard to miss his mission to glorify God. It’s also easy to see why his small ministry is so mighty, and such a giant in God’s universe. FGGAM has been reaching hearts all over the world for 8 years…here’s to another 8+!! Dewey, thanks for blessing God and so many for so many years. (And I know what your response to my words is going to be….”To God’s glory alone!”)

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