Let us pray for those being affected by flooding in Colorado and New Mexico


Also in New Mexico, we pray for safety in Jesus name, Amen!

praying for Colorado

Evacuations are being ordered for T or C residents living near Animas Creek and Palomas Creek due to flooding, according toThe Herald of Truth or Consequences.

The paper reports evacuees are being directed to the Lee Belle Johnson Center on Foch Street. The Sierra County Sentinel also reports the Civic Center is open for evacuees.

Rain flooded SKP RV Park south of Artesia, leaving the people living there with no way out.

Local runoff from storms caused the camp to be surrounded by water on all sides.

Sixty residents were airlifted from the camp, three at a time. Altogeher, 73 people were evacuated.

In Colorado, a flash flood warning for Boulder County continues until 6 a.m. and more rain is expected during the night.

Separately, the NWS has also issued a flood emergency for the Big Thompson Canyon and the town of Loveland, as rain continued to fall there as well. NOAA reported that the Big Thompson River at Drake is more than 4 feet above its flood stage of 6 feet.

Larimer County officials, including Sheriff Justin Smith, warned residents of the Big Thompson Canyon on Twitter and other social media to seek higher ground and the weather service extended the flash flood warning until 8 a.m.

Clorado FloodingThe NWS said in a statement that the floodwaters will continue to rise until sunrise. At 10.55 feet, the Big Thompson was running higher than it did during its deadly flood in 1976 — 9.3 feet.

Meanwhile, Fort Collins city officials closed bridges after a late-night surge on the Poudre River, after water began topping Seaman Reservoir in the Poudre Canyon. The city warned residents to stay clear of the river.

In Boulder, officials announced before midnight that they were tracking a large “wall of water, containing debris and vehicles,” as it made its way down Emerson Gulch from the Fourmile burn area .

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