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Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,
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Here is an update on Margaret Montoya: Pastor Jim says that his lovely wife did have cancer embedded in her uterine wall.  Let us continue to pray for complete healing in Jesus name, Amen! pastor Jim reports that Margaret is doing fine and thanks you all for your prayers.
Also in New Mexico, we pray for safety in Jesus name, Amen!
praying for Colorado
Photo: I'm writing about the AWE of God this morning My Awe of God goes back to when I wore this brace at 5 years if age and Doctor told me and my Mom and Dad I may never walk and run like the other kids I'm 57 and still playing ball I'm in AWE of my GOD Are you in AWE of GOD each day or do you let the world eat you up?
Good morning everyone!
Are you in AWE of God?
This world may weigh you down and you have moments of being in the AWE of GOD…….but to be continued to be in AWE despite the world is a blessing, a blessing of growth in HIM! AMEN! I am in AWE that after one year of full-time ministry we are afloat! LOL LOL! Our obligations are being met and we are going ahead with expansion plans as the Lord leads. It is because of people planting seeds into this ministry that we can forge ahead, we are moving our web site to a new server because of increased demand on our site. I am in AWE how people have come together to support FGGAM. Now let me stop here and share with you that my AWE in God goes back years ago…to when I was about 5 and in Kindergarten and I was walking with a limp and my Dad took me to the Doctor and then they sent us to the big City of Mankato, just like on Little House on the Prairie!!! LOL LOL You got really hurt or sick, you went to Mankato. Anyhow the Doctor was Doc Meridith, all 7 feet of him! He said I may never walk or run like the other kid’s. I was fitted with a full leg brace, I had a hip disease, I wore it through Kindergarten. I am now 57 and still playing ball and SLIDING INTO 3RD BASE!!!!!!! and in the best health of my life! I am in AWE OF GOD! I am in full time Ministry as a Pastor, my Grandma Caraway made that call in 1974!!!!  I have saved that leg brace, pictured above to remind me of what God did for me and to show others, God is a miracle worker. I used to take it on my speeches to the new prison guards, remember that Ethan Carr?
Now what are you in AWE of? Are you in AWE OF GOD each day? or do you let the world eat you up. It get’s hard sometimes to be in awe when you are drowning in problems. OUR ROOF IS LEAKING RIGHT NOW!!! LOL LOL LOL!  But let us keep our eyes on Jesus, and not turn to the left or the right! 

Also today write down every miracle God has done for you and yours. Keep that list in your Bible.
Love to you all!
Paul Tripp wrote this:
What is the overriding worldview of Psalm 145? It is that every human being has been hardwired by God to live in daily awe of him. This means the deepest, most life-shaping, practical daily motivation of every human being was designed to be the awe of God. This is the calling of every person. This is the umbrella of protection over every person. This is the reality that is to define and give shape to every other reality in a person’s life. 
Now, what does this functionally look like for me? Well, it should be the thing that in some way motivates everything I do and say.
Awe of God is meant to rule every domain of my existence.
Awe of God should be the reason I do what I do with my thoughts. It should be the reason I desire what I desire.
Awe of God should be the reason I treat my wife the way I do and parent my children in the manner I do. It should shape and motivate my relationship with my extended family and neighbors
Awe of God should be the reason I function the way I do at my job or handle my finances the way I do. It should structure the way I think about physical possession and personal position and power.
Awe of God should give direction to the way I live as a citizen of the wider community. It should form the way that I think about myself and my expectations of others.
Awe of God should lift me out of my darkest moments of discouragement and be the source of my most exuberant celebrations.
Awe of God should make me more self-aware and more mournful of my sin while it makes me more patient with and tender toward the weaknesses of others. It should give me courage I would have no other way and wisdom to know when I am out of my league.
Awe of God is meant to rule every domain of my existence.
When awe of God is absent, it is quickly replaced by our awe of ourselves.
But there is more. Awe of God must dominate my ministry, because one of the central missional gifts of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to give people back their awe of God. A human being who is not living in a functional awe of God is a profoundly disadvantaged human being. He is off the rails, trying to propel the train of his life in a meadow, and he may not even know it.
The spiritual danger here is that, when awe of God is absent, it is quickly replaced by our awe of ourselves. If you are not living for God, the only alternative is to live for yourself. So a central ministry of the church must be to do anything it can to be used of God to turn people back to the one thing for which they were created: to live in a sturdy, joyful, faithful awe of God.
Now please grab your Bible and read Psalm 145.
Lord willing I will see you tonight at 6:30 at the Tent Meeting at Emmanuel Ministries in Rio Rancho.
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

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