The America We Live In: The Satanic Temple Has Become a Powerful Foe

Author Peter DeHaan, in his article “Three Church Priorities: Butts, Bucks, and Buildings," makes the case that “the things religious leaders focus on may not matter to God at all,” and I agree. Jesus certainly appears to have made that point when he cleared out the Temple area—but many churches didn’t get the memo!

Image From NBC News. The Satanic Temple believes in reason, empathy, and the pursuit of knowledge — and it doesn’t worship Satan. NBC News; AP; Getty Images
Many Churches in America have forgotten to build bridges to folks who do not know JESUS! Too many love preaching to the choir! WAKE UP CHURCH! IT IS CALLED THE GREAT COMMISSION!
FGGAM Photo of Sharon sharing the love of Jesus in rural Montana. FGGAM is a Great Commission Ministry.
FGGAM Photo from Denver camp for the homeless in the summer of 2023. Pastor Dewey, Gretchen and Lars share the love of Jesus with food and treats to all.

I have come to comfort the inflicted and inflict the comfortable. I am not here to sell ice-cream! Popularity with the world has never been my forte.

My warning now to America is, you are in much more trouble, no matter who wins the Presidential election. Both candidates, in my mind, are not good choices to bring unity to America. No matter who wins, the Civil War will increase here.

America needs JESUS! Christians need to stop the hate! Christians need to stop supporting politicians who spew hate! Look at Congress, it’s turning into a nut house, both the GOP and Dems! Look in the mirror, seek JESUS not politics, which is the playground of Satan. Can you not see?

We need to establish a strong third party before it is too late! Call it the ‘Common Sense’ party. But then again, where is the common sense in America? It is in the Bible, but then again, only 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview.

I am just a simple man – a simple Pastor. I say this as I seem to go against the grain with many in America. I grew up in a wonderful family and Church in Windom, Minnesota. When I saw this write up and watched the video, I was kinda stunned how bad it has gotten here, even though I report the news every day here at FGGAM.  To see this report, well, it hit me hard. This present day America is far away from when I was a little boy back in the early 60s going to public school and Sunday school. There is too much ego and Hollywood in many Churches. The failure to carry out The Great Commission by many Churches has added so much to the failure of Christianity in America.

I have warned about the fall of America for many years. Christianity is embraced by less people now. Many so-called Christians, even Pastors, have made politics their religion. We are paying a big price for that! I have stated for years that more and more Americans are being blinded by Satan. Just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview and just 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview. ALERT! George Barna: Just 4% of American Adults Have a Biblical Worldview, Biblical Theism Is Much Closer to Extinction in America. Failure of the America Church – 46% of U.S. adults are unchurched. More Here

This news report and the included video made me think I was watching a movie into the future…but it is for today…I am weeping…I am not of this world. In what I do, I hear from so many Christians who have left the Church, many say the Church has become too political.

What is the priority of your Church? Is your Church baptizing people and raising them up to be mature Christians? Do you have children in your Church? Children’s Sunday school? If not, what are you doing, preaching to the choir? What are the priorities of your Church? What are the results of those priorities?

Christians should stop blaming the media so much and look into the mirror!  This report has my head spinning.

By Tyler Kingkade:

When conservative lawmakers in Florida and Texas won the fight to allow religious chaplains in public schools, they swung open the door to ministers from other faiths — including the Satanic Temple. The demonic-sounding group, which describes itself as “nontheistic,” is using this debate and others like it to make a point about the growing encroachment of religion on public life. More Here

Pastor Dewey Moede:

I have righteous anger as to what is going on with the Church in America. I see it right before my eyes. I see the failure, as does Pastor Tony: Pastor Tony Tice: We Need Pastors Who Will Be Humble Servants Instead Of Trying To Be The Next Great Church Leader!

The late Pastor Don Kimbro always told me that the lack of baptisms and the growing-up of mature Christians would catch up with the Church! It has, and it hurts badly!

From Don Kimbro:

Author Peter DeHaan in his article, “Three Church Priorities: Butts, Bucks, and Buildings” makes the case that “the things religious leaders focus on may not matter to God at all,” and I agree. Jesus certainly appears to have made that point when he cleared out the Temple area—but many churches didn’t get the memo! More Here

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