FGGAM Photo: Our sweet Daisy passed asway last October. Daisy was our ministry dog. We took her everywhere! She helped me and Sharon build bridges of love and trust with many on our Great Commission trips!
FGGAM Photo of Pastor Dewey and Daisy at Church! Sharon took this picture. This is at the FBC of Reserve, NM. Daisy loved all. We miss her so much! She was such a precious ministry pup!
FGGAM Photo: Pastor Dewey loves children and dogs so very much! He also has taken to kitty cats more and more! LOVE LIKE JESUS!

I have had enough of hateful politicians! Politics is the playground of Satan. Many get such big egos! You know what ego means??? It means Edging God Out!

From Barrett Duke

When God created animals, he declared their creation to be “good” (Gen. 1:25). At the conclusion of the creation account in Genesis 1, God looked at “all he had made” and declared it “very good” (v. 31). Creation was “very good” when considered in its totality, not only in reference to humans. Humans are the crowning achievement of God’s creative activity, and as his image bearers, we possess something of the divine that nothing else in creation possesses, but we should not let that truth cloud our appreciation for the rest of creation or diminish our responsibilities toward it.

Here, I offer ten biblical truths about animals that should affect how we think about them and how we treat them. 10 biblical truths about animals

I once supported Governor Noem, but no longer. She seems to be like a Trump Jr. too much hate! By the way I do not support Trump or Biden. I would not give you a ‘plug nickel’ for any of those three! When Noem talked about killing her dog in her book, she lost me. Very coarse. HORRIBLE EXAMPLE FOR OUR CHILDREN! Noem also lied in her new book! One of my best friends back in Windom, Minnesota, a staunch Republican said he will no longer support Noem for anything! My friend is a hunter! He feels Noem really stepped over the line in killing her dog!


A seventh Native American tribe in South Dakota has banned Gov. Kristi Noem (R) from its reservation after she commented earlier this year that tribal leaders benefited from drug cartels.

The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in central South Dakota voted Tuesday to ban Noem from its reservation, citing her cartel comments, the tribe confirmed on social media. More Here

KATHLEEN SCHMIDT: As the story about Noem’s puppy and goat blew up, a falsehood from her book emerged: A passage in the book where Noem talks about meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wasn’t true. Margaret Brennan, host of Face the Nation, grilled her about this in a disastrous interview yesterday.

The lie in Kristie Noem’s book: When a politician lies in a book, what’s a publisher to do?

From The Humane Society of the United States:

Every now and then an individual animal’s story captures worldwide attention and brings the pains and paradoxes of our relationship to other species into stark relief. We saw this with Cecil, Harambe and Lolita—animals who became famous because of their tragic fates. We saw it last month with a wild wolf captured, tormented, and killed by a man in Wyoming. Each of these stories shines a spotlight on not only the animals and their plights but on who we are and how we should aspire to be. And most recently, a dog named Cricket, who was killed two decades ago, has become the subject of another such story.

The account of Cricket’s death shows up in Gov. Kristi Noem’s political memoir. Noem was using Cricket, just 14 months old, as a hunting dog. But when Cricket got loose, attacked a neighbor’s chickens, and nipped at Noem as she retrieved him, she decided to take him to a gravel pit and shoot him dead. “I hated that dog,” Noem wrote, who used the same occasion to shoot a goat that she also didn’t like. The goat lay there wounded and suffering, while she walked back to her truck to reload her gun and returned to finish him off.

In neither case did Noem show any doubt or remorse; quite the contrary, she sought to cast her action as a signifier of tough-minded realism that would burnish her appeal as a politician from a rural community. The truth Gov. Noem’s puppy-killing scandal reveals about us all

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