FGGAM Photo. We thank Charles Stanley’s ministry for helping us with ministry tools as we carry out The Great Commission. This photo is from our trip into Arizona sharing JESUS! JESUS! Pastor Dewey was wearing his ‘Ask me about Jesus’ shirt, and this lovely asked him if he knew JESUS! What a conversation starter! JESUS!

FGGAM Photo from Denver camp for the homeless in the summer of 2023. Pastor Dewey, Gretchen and Lars share the love of Jesus with food and treats to all.

I am not a music man so much. However I love the Baptist hymnal! All those songs are based on scripture. FGGAM News Director Chuck Akeley is our music man! Chuck is such a godly man. He knows his music, and boy oh boy, he sure can he play the drums! I am so old I remember the Beatles! They took America by storm! I remember the news director at my first full-time radio job saying, “The Beatles are evil.” I did not listen to their music, I was a country dj at that time in Sidney, Montana. I love old hymns, old country music, and patriotic music like Johnny Cash singing “The Ragged Old Flag.”

A lot of music is to loud for me, I cannot hear the signing. My take on this is that the Church in Europe and America has lost so many people to the secular world. The Church is late. The Church is like a fire department that show’s up to a house fire and everything is gone. Maybe after clearing away the rubble, there still may be a foundation left to build on? Is there Church? You know what I mean?  A lot of this stuff is because the Church has failed and is still failing in carrying out The Great Commission. My daddy always told me to first look into the mirror when trouble comes! AND I DO! The Church loves to complain about stuff, but what are most Churches doing? Many love their territory, their own Kingdom, their carpet and lights! Aesthetics are so important to many Pastors and congregants! I SEE IT as I travel! I I do not find in the Bible that a Church needs carpet, or fancy lighting or a building that looks like a college campus!…. the Church needs JESUS! Give me a doublewide trailer down by the river in rural New Mexico and we will rock for JESUS! Amen! Did I just write that?? We Would, I tell you that! Sharon and I love sharing JESUS! How about Baptisms????? How about raising up MATURE CHRISTIANS! How about building bridges of love and trust with all people? I am too old for this world for sure, I do not fit the mold. I see the failure! I see the egos! My goodness!

Only 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview! Just 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview! 46% of American adults are unchurched.  More Here .We Christians in America are failing to carry out The Great Commission!

Most of the problems we all have are those we brought upon ourselves, just as the American Church has.

I have heard some American news commentators say, “If Taylor Swift was to endorse a Presidential candidate, she would really influence the election.” What a America we live in!

The Christian Post

By Jon Brown, Christian Post Reporter 

The service focused on the supposedly strong Christian themes in Swift’s music that address hot-button issues such as women’s rights, racism and gender equality, according to the pastor.

Parish Pastor Vincenzo Petracca acknowledged that Swift has taken flak from some Evangelical faith leaders for her music, especially in the United States.

“Theologically speaking, she points to the justness of God,” Petracca said, adding that Swift’s “faith knows doubt and inner-conflict.”

Shane Pruitt, who serves as National Next Gen director for the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board and co-author of Calling Out the Called, urged parents to seriously reconsider allowing their children to listen to Swift’s music.

“I’m definitely not the minister or parent that has the ‘no secular music’ stance,” Pruitt wrote in a Facebook post. “Also, I fully realize unbelievers are going to act like unbelievers. HOWEVER, there is a difference between being secular and being ANTI-CHRISTIAN.” More Here

Please Read! Pastor Wes Church: We must sharpen our focus. The body of Christ is warring with itself over hot-button matters rather than sharing Jesus with the lost.

So very tragic when Churches misbehave……..showing an unbelieving world just what it wants to see……..chasing people away from JESUS! So many are hurting from being mistreated by a Church. You see my friends, so many souls have been damaged by so many so called Christians.

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