It is so horrible here in New Mexico that they tax our social security! They get you coming and going! Sharon and I have worked very hard like so many of you, and then this state taxes our social security! Shame on the DEMS and GOP! This is another reason I do not support any political party! I pray for a resurgence of the Tea Party! Remember, it was the GOP that shut down the Tea party! By 2016, Politico wrote that the Tea Party movement had died; however, it also said that this was in part because some of its ideas had been absorbed by the mainstream Republican Party. CNBC reported in 2019 that the conservative wing of the Republican Party “has basically shed the tea party moniker”. New Mexico is in such sad shape morally, as is the whole country. I really beleive that the government would rather have us old people die, both the GOP and DEMS!

WalletHub Reports

Uncle Sam takes his cut of our past year’s earnings every April, and since the tax code is so complicated, it’s hard for the average person to tell how they will be impacted. One simple ratio known as the “tax burden” helps cut through the confusion. Unlike tax rates, which vary widely based on an individual’s circumstances, tax burden measures the proportion of total personal income that residents pay toward state and local taxes. It isn’t uniform across the U.S., either.

To determine the residents with the biggest tax burdens, WalletHub compared the 50 states based on the cost of three types of taxes — property taxes, individual income taxes, and sales and excise taxes — as a share of total personal income in the state. More Here

Those fools in Washington, both parties, are awful money managers!

From the Deficit Tracker

Large and sustained federal budget deficits are harmful to the fiscal health of the United States, yet policymakers struggle with reining in the red ink. Even during the years of economic growth immediately predating the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government ran large and growing budget deficits, near $1 trillion per year. As policymakers enacted emergency measures to combat the COVID-19 crisis, federal budget deficits ballooned to levels not seen since World War II. Although the deficit has reverted to pre-pandemic levels as the United States winds down pandemic spending, deficits are projected to grow significantly over the coming decades—an ominous trend that will put increased strain on the federal budget. BPC’s economic policy team analyzes the government’s running budget deficit and updates the Deficit Tracker monthly. More Here

As Mark Twain stated, “The only difference between a Democrat and Republican is the spelling.”

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