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By Diana Chandler, posted April 1, 2024 in SBC News

EXPORT, Pa. (BP) – More than a third of evangelicals describe themselves as politically moderate or liberal, a new study found, but most across the evangelical spectrum profess the same bible-based beliefs and practices.

Evangelicals also believe pastors and churches should be publicly engaged in various politically connected issues that overlap with biblical values, but disagree on the extent of engagement, Grey Matters Research and Infinity Concepts found in the study.

“Being a conservative evangelical does not automatically make one a gun-toting, border-patrolling Donald Trump die-hard, any more than being a liberal evangelical makes one a pro-choice, LGBTQ+ supporting Joe Biden sycophant,” Grey Matter Research President Ron Sellers said in releasing the findings. “The perception of an army of evangelicals calling for a militant church with its hands in everything is simply a fallacy.” More Here

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