Ronna McDaniel was chairwoman of the Republican National Committee for seven years until her resignation earlier this month. Last Friday, NBC News announced that they had hired her as a contributor, stating, “It couldn’t be a more important moment to have a voice like Ronna’s on the team” and adding that “she will support our leading coverage by providing an insider’s perspective on national politics and on the future of the Republican Party.”

The move was immediately blasted by many of the network’s commentators, Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd among them. Rachel Maddow called the decision “inexplicable” and said, “I hope they will reverse their decision.”

Four days later, the network cut ties with their new hire.

According to Fox, the decision “reinforces” the network’s “status as [an] anti-Trump, pro-Biden network.” By contrast, according to Maddow, McDaniel was “about undermining elections and going after democracy.”

And so, in our “philodoxical” (“love of opinion”) culture where all truth is subjective, what you believe before you read the news probably determines what you think after you read it.

Today in Holy Week illustrates the eternal significance of this fact. The Rest of The Story Here

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