America is full of people with superficial faith. Sharon and I see it all the time. It is one of the main reasons the country has gone to hell. years ago my mentor, Pastor Don Kimbro warned me about the fact that America was full of immature Christians. IT SHOWS! Let this sink in, just 4% of our country has a Biblical Worldview and just 37% of Pastors in America have a Biblical Worldview. I am not a popular man, I am not a politician, I am not after your money, I am a man after Jesus’ heart. As I wrote in this post, God’s babies are not meant to be a political football, Many Americans have become so very foolish in their ways, more political, less God. Sharon and I have had so many people tell us on our travels carrying out The Great Commission that they left the Church because of stinking politics.

This is from the staff of Churchleaders:

Superficial faith refers to a belief that is only skin-deep, where individuals may identify as Christians but lack a transformative connection with Jesus. This form of faith is often built on convenience, cultural identity, or the desire for the benefits of being associated with Christianity without the commitment to its teachings. Jesus warns that simply calling Him “Lord” or engaging in religious activities is not enough for salvation. True faith must penetrate beyond surface-level acknowledgment, fundamentally altering our lives and actions. More Here


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