This message really touched my soul! When is the last time you have heard a sermon that touched your soul? Was your life changed forever? When is the last time you have had a conversation with God! My life is one big conversation with God. Man is full of foolish talk, especially politicians and the media. I talk to GOD constantly. I HEAR GOD! I listen to HIM what to post here at FGGAM! I do less stupid things that way! I pray more Americans would listen to GOD and not their ego! I always tell people to have such a personal relationship with JESUS, that you can tell me what flavor of gum he chews! HA!

Watch and listen to this message from Brandon Lake from Churchleaders and Jessica Lea

When Brandon Lake really takes the time to listen to God, he doesn’t hear “churchy stuff” or “Christianese.” Instead, the worship leader and recording artist, who recently discussed his experience with depression, hears God speak in a way that is “personal” and “elementary.”

“I don’t hear churchy stuff,” said Brandon. “When I’m just talking to God and I really hear his voice, it’s not these grand things. It’s very personal, and it’s very elementary. One of the quickest things I hear God say [is], ‘I like you. I like spending time with you. I think you’re funny.’”  More Here

Warning to America! The Danger of Superficial Faith


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