Being from a family of firefighters, I myself served in Osceola, Indiana, I look at America this way. There is a raging fire from hell going on in America, more than a 100 alarm fire, and the Church in America is fighting it with a squirt gun!

IF IT CAME TOGETHER WE COULD SAVE MANY FROM HELL! The Church is so very divided, so many puzzle pieces, so many little FORTS! KINGDOMS OF MAN! BE THE CHURCH OF ACTS!

“So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls. And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” (Acts 2:41-42, ESV) Being an Acts 2 Church in the 21st Century

This morning I wrote a report of a Minnesota City disbanding its Police force. The City of Moose Lake, Minnesota decided it no longer could afford to staff the department. It is an ongoing problem in America. Wake Up America! Pastor Ed Solis of ReAwaken City Church told me this week that he ‘hopes the Church wakes up.’ Me too! What is the American Church doing to make our Country better? That is one of the top comments we get when we are on on the streets and byways. Too many people tell us that they have stopped going to Church because they see the Church not have any influence on our society. Gotta reach the lost folks! It is not going to happen inside your walls!!!! GO OUT! It is called The Great Commission! It is a command from JESUS! Why do you love your comfort zone so much? REACH THE LOST! Be the hands and feet of JESUS!

We are witnessing a complete break down of the American society. Minnesota City Disbands Police Force

“People have become so self-focused and their beliefs are so self-serving that no politician elected in 2024 can reasonably be expected to restore common purpose and shared vision to the nation without a serious reshaping of people’s worldviews,” George Barna stated.

George Barna: The U.S. needs a ‘spiritual awakening’ to resolve the pervasive division and polarization that has come to define American politics

What role will your church play in restoring what’s been lost in New Mexico?

My heart is broken as to what I constantly see happening here in New Mexico, CRIME! Years ago my mentor and friend Pastor Don Kimbro, who passed into the arms of Jesus this month, stated to me the lack of baptisms would catch up with the Church, it surely has.

The following reports show a godless New Mexico.

Messes like this in Albuquerque do not help at all! DWI Scandal

Local restaurants to raise funds for family of fallen Las Cruces, NM police officer

More dysfunction in godless New Mexico!: KOB TV Reports: A man facing a criminal charge after posting TikTok videos of himself wearing a New Mexico State Police officer’s uniform gave an explanation for his actions to KOB 4 on Friday. More Here

Albuquerque police warn about thief targeting local gyms and stealing cars

Farmington, NM police officer arrested on DWI charges

Los Alamos, NM Police Department spreads word on kidnapping scam

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