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My favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. My second favorite team is whoever is playing the Philadelphia Eagles. After that, I tend not to care too much who wins any particular game, and that includes this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

I’m still going to gather with family to watch the game—for more on how to use the Super Bowl to cultivate community, see Christian Englert’s recent article—but the outcome isn’t nearly as important to me as the competitiveness of the game, the quality of the commercials, and how much I can eat before a new champion is crowned.

Given that relative degree of apathy regarding the teams on the field, I find myself focusing more on the players, particularly those who seem to have a strong relationship with the Lord.

And, it turns out, there are quite a few players and team personnel on both sidelines who are Christians. The Rest of The Story Here

NFL Legend Tony Dungy Reveals Powerful Way Super Bowl Will Be Used to Share Jesus

70 million people will bet on Super Bowl LVIII, waging over $23 billion Pastor Dewey Moede: All this ugly taints Football, it invites trouble in many ways. American gluttony at its highest. I am old to this world.

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