Everyday Satan is devouring more people here in Albuquerque. I was talking to an Albuquerque Police Officer this week about all hell breaking loose here. He stated the problem is generational and getting worse! The Officer started that when thugs steal a car here, they are out of jail in two days! Raising hell, to behave in a way that is not controlled and that causes troubleto protest about something in a loud and angry way. Hell is also politics in America. We are teaching our Children so much bad stuff! My goodness people!

More laws will not change Albuquerque or any place in America! ONLY JESUS! Hearts need to be given to JESUS! The Church here, and all over America has lost its influence. The failure of the Church in America is not carrying out The Great Commission and baptizing people and raising them up to be mature Christians. The late Don Kimbro preached that to me years ago. Pastor Don said that would catch up with us, and it sure has………

Why Churches Talk the Great Commission but Don’t Do It

Two Albuquerque men are in an Arizona jail Wednesday night, facing human smuggling charges.

They were arrested as part of an ongoing operation specifically aimed at reducing human smuggling driven by Mexican cartels. More Here

From U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Arizona:

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Maria Mendoza-Mendoza, aka “La Guera,” 51, of Honduras, pleaded guilty yesterday to Conspiracy to Transport Illegal Aliens for Profit. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 2, 2024, before United States District Judge Raner C. Collins.

Mendoza-Mendoza admitted that she was a leader of a smuggling organization that smuggled over 100 migrants from Honduras into the United States, and that, as a leader, she coordinated alien smuggling and money laundering events. Mendoza-Mendoza admitted she told a co-conspirator she would “bleed out” a guide as punishment and that she stated that a migrant whose family did not pay his fee would be thrown “back in the desert.” She also admitted that the smuggling organization used firearms and that the smuggling involved dangerous risks to the migrants. The government of Honduras extradited Mendoza-Mendoza to the United States in June 2023 to face these charges. More Here

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