Shonda Whitworth

December 12, 2023

To whom it may concern,

I am deeply appreciative of Dewey Moede, For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, and the entire team working diligently behind the scenes. Pastor Dewey has profoundly impacted my life, providing support during a pivotal crisis. His compassion, coupled with unconditional love and acceptance, helped me navigate one of my life’s most challenging periods. By God’s grace, I have emerged stronger.

My relationship with Dewey began before the inception of FGGAM, during my tenure as a coleader of a speaking and writing coaching venture. However, my life took a devastating turn when my older son was incarcerated, prompting me to retreat from all public engagements temporarily.

With time, healing began from the emotional turmoil that had engulfed my family and me. It was then that Dewey had recently launched FGGAM and extended an invitation to me to resume writing, offering FGGAM as a platform to disseminate messages of hope. Despite my initial reservations, I accepted his kind proposal and found solace and healing with each article I released.

Thanks to Dewey’s encouragement and FGGAM’s support, I rediscovered my divine purpose and calling. Inspired by these events, my husband and I founded a ministry dedicated to supporting the families of the incarcerated. Additionally, FGGAM was instrumental in sharing my personal unexpected journey, leading to the publication of a prayer book recounting my son’s imprisonment. To the glory of God, this book now has over 44,000 copies in print, offering solace to inmates and their families across the United States, with its influence expanding globally.

I have since returned to coaching Christian writers and speakers, directing them to initiate their literary journeys with FGGAM, thereby connecting with a readership eager for the hope found in Jesus.

FGGAM is fulfilling The Great Commission with its messages traversing the globe to proclaim the gospel so that many may come to believe in Jesus, our Lord. Dewey’s resilience in the face of adversity is a source of inspiration to me. Even when faced with resistance, he perseveres in his missionary endeavors with the tenacity of the Apostle Paul.

Collaborating with Dewey and his team has been an immense pleasure, and I wholeheartedly endorse the mission of FGGAM.



Shonda Whitworth

President, Fortress of Hope Ministries

CEO, Kingdom Living Institute

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