I was going through my closet today and found some journal entries that I had ripped out of a book and saved from 2010. I thought I’d share one with you…

May 3, 2010

This Friday, May 7th, it will be 2 years since the passing of my father. As many have experienced, the anniversary of the passing of a loved one can often cause you to begin to reflect on life.

As I look back on the years of my life, I am reminded of all that God has brought me through! It reminds me of a scene in the movie, “The Princess Bride.” The bad guy says to The Dread Pirate Roberts, “You’ve beaten my giant, which means you are exceptionally strong. You bested my swordsman, which means you must have studied…” GOD has overcome all that the enemy throws at us and we overcome through Him.

The Dread Pirate Roberts overcame all the obstacles the enemy threw his way in his quest to save Princess Buttercup because of his “true love” for the Princess.

God has a “true love” for us that goes way beyond what any man could ever demonstrate. Through God’s overcoming power, we are made stronger in each and every battle, if we trust and stand in Him and do not allow the circumstances to crush us.

Stand Firm In Your Faith By Relying On God’s Strength, Not Yours. Be On Your Guard, And Put Your Hope In God. 1 Cor. 16:13-14

Heavenly Father, I don’t know the giants that are facing everyone out there. However, I do know that a lot of people feel like they are facing insurmountable circumstances. Loss of family, jobs, finances, etc. Lord, I pray that they will sense your presence in a mighty way right now. Flood them with your peace and your strength to overcome. Remind them that you are the victor and that the enemy has been defeated by the blood of the lamb. And similar to the story told in the movie…Thank you for beating the giant! Thank you for beating the swordsman! Thank you for beating the intellect! Thank you for the victory in Jesus name!!!!

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