I have had so many people coming up to me in the last few weeks saying, “I cannot do this anymore….or I am so very tired” I can relate to that pain. It has been a year of lost loved ones for the Moede family. We are probably living in the most stressful time since World War II. The world is falling apart, it is very dark. How can we endure our faith during such a times as this? This morning I opened my Bible to Zephaniah, probably not one of the most read books of the Bible. God sent me to Zephaniah 3:17……..

As an added bonus this morning I would like you to read this: The Greatest Generation.  

I was raised by World War II parents. The values they taught me help me get through the  tough times we live in. I try to hand them down to our children and grandchildren, and all who I speak with. It is part of my survival kit, along with my BIBLE!

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