I just ran across this series of articles yesterday. It brought so many memories back to me. In this write up you will read about President Reagan and Gary Bauer. When I was working at WFRN Christian radio back in the late 80’s, Ed Moore owner of the South Bend/Elkhart Indiana station, invited Gary Bauer to come be the featured speaker at a banquet we were holding. Bauer had worked for President Reagan and also served as head of the Family Research Council from 1988-1999. I was blessed to pick up Gary at the South Bend airport and we had such a wonderful conversation about President Reagan. Gary gave me a tremendous insight into the life of President Reagan. Memories forever and ever.

Working for the Moore family at WFRN changed my life. God has told me for years to share what I learn as I get older. If you are a Christian, you must make JESUS known to the world!

The Moral Majority brings back a lot of memories for me…….We have fallen so far since the days of President Reagan. I can smell hell from here.

I am going to start out with part 4, as this part had the biggest impact on me, that might be selfish, so I apologize.

The series of articles appears in the Christian Post.

Christian Post Editors’ note: This is part 4 of The Christian Post’s year-long articles series “Politics in the Pews: Evangelical Christian engagement in elections from the Moral Majority to today. Read part 1part 2 and part 3 at the links provided.

The Moral Majority was the most influential 20th century conservative Christian political advocacy group in the United States, according to prominent Christian activists who credit the movement with making the religious right a force in American politics today.

Founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell in 1979, the Moral Majority advocated for conservative positions on issues like abortion, homosexuality and school vouchers. It also helped millions of Christians register to vote.

Although the organization dissolved in 1989, many believe the Moral Majority continues to have a lasting impact on 21st century U.S. politics. Conservative Christians discuss impact, legacy and ongoing relevance of movement

A MUST READ! FGGAM News Director Chuck Akeley reports: If a person genuinely considers country and politics to be of more importance than God (i.e., idolatry), then such is sinful and morally wrong; however, simply having pride in your nation, serving in the military, or desiring for Christians to step forward as leaders in civil government should be lauded, not frowned upon. Let’s examine what is meant by “Christian nationalism.” James Carville Claims “Christian Nationalists” Are Worse Than al Qaeda

Are you aware of this? We had this story last week. Does your Pastor speak up for God’s babies? Or do they have ‘tight lips’ disease? Shame on him or her if they do not speak up for God’s babies.

Jodi Hendricks of the New Mexico Family Action Movement: This coming week the New Mexico Supreme Court will be hearing the cases on our Pro-life ordinances that are spreading across the state. While our AG is fighting to make abortion a constitutional right in New Mexico we at NMFAM have voiced our opinion through a brief filed with the court.

Battle Over Sanctity of Life Hits New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming Supreme Courts All at Once




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