You cannot take care of, or lead others if your soul is not right.

For me, this message by Pastor Dan Reiland hits on every aspect of my life, as a man of God, husband, father, grandpa, Pastor, friend to others, serving all people, being a consumer, just everything about life. We must remember, WE ARE ALL LEADERS! This message is so outstanding for such a time as this, I could shout it from the roof tops. Treating all people with respect. Yesterday I was at the post office and a lovely elderly woman was putting mail and a box into her car. I could see she was struggling a bit, and I asked if I could help her. This precious soul said, “I think I got it, thanks so much anyhow.” I said, “We men here are ready to help you anytime.” She replied, “Yes, so many of the men offer me help at this post office, (Paradise Hills) I love you all.” The Paradise Hills post office always seems to have godly men around to help those in need. I have to tell you, many are VETERANS! Men with precious souls, taking care of precious widows with precious souls. Pastor Dan states: Isolation never leads to a place of healthy living. You know you are part of the authentic community when you experience high trust, a strong sense of belonging, and truth is spoken.

Freedom in the LORD!

When people are loved, trusted, and being affirmed along the way, most will blossom into a beautiful person. I beleive with all my heart, all of us can do a better job in reaching into our respective communities and impacting souls for God with the love of our Lord. So many are growing up in a situation where they are not taught to take care of their souls, thus they can not teach it, or model it.

Honesty is a basic trait of a person of God. My pet peeve is those that do not full-fill their commitments. Never over promise and underdeliver. Never make a commitment that you will never be able to fulfill. It sends the wrong message to as who you are. I pray this message encourages you to reach a new level of love for others.

Written by Dan Reiland the executive pastor at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and the author of several books including Confident Leader! Become One, Stay One (Thomas Nelson).

Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint; you’ve got to take care of yourself if you want to go the distance.

Leaders carry burdens, some are their own, and some for those they love, lead and pour their lives into.

Weariness is common today. It’s not a sense of feeling defeated; in fact, there is great hope about the future, but that doesn’t remove the reality of physical and emotional fatigue that can lead to emptiness. What’s your plan for soul care?

There is great uniqueness in how it plays out for each person. More Here

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