Warren Bird, is an Outreach magazine contributing editor, is the vice president of research at ECFA, former research director for Leadership Network and author of more than 30 books for church leaders.

Heinrich, a new believer, has discovered that he goes deepest in his relationship with God through the classic spiritual disciplines of reflective prayer and Scripture prayer (an ancient practice from desert spirituality of listening and praying the Scripture). He is delighted to have found a church that champions these practices.

Vusi used to think that he’d feel closer to Jesus by “burning out” rather than “rusting out.” Sadly, he did burn out through a sequence he describes today as being glad, sad and finally mad. Then he found the Wholeness Center at what became his new church. Through it, he’s received spiritual direction and found much more balance in his Christian walk. More Here

What’s your plan for soul care? This message hits on every aspect of my life.

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