FGGAM is one of the favorite ministries I have encountered in my 70 years on this planet for a few reasons. First, Dewey Moede has set an example to all that one person can make a difference in the kingdom of God by letting Him lead you. I admire his passion of connecting with all of New Mexico by spreading the gospel when and where he is needed.  Sometimes, in defending the unborn, I have thought I was on an island, but Dewey’s ministry has shown me to leave that to God, and he will guide me to make that difference.

So often, churches ignore or place little priority on what is happening in our culture in general or specifically in New Mexico. It’s great that FGGAM has daily articles that intertwine the latest worldly issues with a biblical perspective. This type of approach is sorely missing in our society, so I am thankful there is the FGGAM outlet to fill that void. Hearing a pastor’s opinion on the day’s headlines is so refreshing. If more ministries and pastors would address these problems, as Dewey does, Christians throughout the area would be more driven to do something that would solve the issues. I also love that the FGGAM welcomes many other writers who bring their perspectives on various issues. Keep up the great work FGGAM!

Monte Harms

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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