Jerry Stewart: There is no doubt war makes us all feel so helpless. We pray for peace. We long for those we love to be free from harm to come home to us. But as long as the bullies and tyrants in this world exist, as long as there are the very strong, as long as there are the very weak, the fighting, the protecting, must continue. More Here

This report by Fox news made me very sick! EVIL, EVIL and more EVIL! Hamas is Satanic! They must be destroyed!

Got Questions states: The goals of Hamas are, biblically speaking, the opposite of God’s plan for Israel. Hamas desires Israel’s destruction while God desires to bless Israel and bring about peace (Psalm 122:6). Hamas’s hatred of Israel places it under God’s curse (Genesis 12:3).More Here

FOX NEWS: While the people of Gaza live in poverty and have suffered under the horrors of Hamas, the terror group’s leaders apparently are living high on the hog.

Israeli officials say Hamas leaders are billionaires, amassing an overwhelming jackpot of terror money for themselves.

“It’s just really the numbers that are shocking, looking at the sheer amount of money that some of these terror chiefs have been able to sock away,” Jonathan Schanzer, senior vice president for research at The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Fox News. More Here

The IDF’s War on Hamas is going better than it expected: by Lazar Berman
The Times of Israel

After a period of doubt as IDF troops idled on the Gaza border for weeks, Israel’s government has shown a serious commitment to the ground invasion of the Hamas-run enclave.

Three divisions are inside the northern half of the Gaza Strip, cutting the territory in half and making steady progress toward the heart of Gaza City.

A month into the war, launched in the wake of the Hamas massacres on October 7, the military and Israel’s political leadership boast of significant achievements against Hamas. Israel’s allies continue to support its attempts to destroy the terrorist organization, and the unity government running the war appears stable.

But there are reasons for concern, even if the war seems to have gone even better than expected at this point.

Read the full article at the Times of Israel.

Lazar Berman is the Times of Israel‘s diplomatic reporter and a Middle East Forum Writing Fellow.


Is Hamas in the Bible?

“Hamas,” the Arabic terrorist group acronym moniker of Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (“Islamic Resistance Movement”), is also a chilling homophone in the Bible: violence. Genesis 6:11 says, “Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence [Hamas: lit. חָמָס(ḥāmās)].” The Hebrew word “Hamas” is a noun meaning an act of aggression, but especially involving physical contact. Hamas was founded in 1987; however, the biblical word “Hamas” or “violence” reaches back to the earliest chapters of Genesis and is one of the significant reasons for the flood. More Here

Evangelical support for Israel steady one month after invasion

Wake up world before Jewish blood is shed in your country


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