Dr. Jim Denison, Chief Author of The Daily Article, writes that although Israel has begun its incursion into Gaza – which will be the focus of tomorrow’s Daily Article – today’s article is focusing on the new Speaker of the US House of Representatives (“House”), Mike Johnson.  The discussion includes comments that are revealing of both the divide among those he is charged with leading and what we might expect from his time as speaker.

Johnson has represented Louisiana’s fourth congressional district since 2017, but prior to running for office, he was a lawyer with the Alliance Defending Freedom and defended the state’s anti-abortion laws and same-sex marriage ban.  While he has never chaired a committee in the House, he has served in increasingly prominent roles as his terms in Washington have progressed.

Still, the fact remains that he has spent less time in the House prior to becoming speaker than any other speaker in the last 140 years.  That inexperience, however, might be part of why he was eventually selected.

When asked about his stance on controversial topics like same-sex marriage and abortion, Johnson said to “go pick up a bible,” adding that he genuinely loves all people regardless of their lifestyle choices.  He said that the best way to understand what he believes about a given subject is to “go pick up a bible off your shelf and read it – that’s my worldview.”

Dr. Denison’s The Daily Article (10/30/2023) may be read in full HERE.

This article was authored by Dr. Jim Denison, © Denison Ministries, denisonforum.org.

Dr. Jim Denison | © Denison Ministries

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