FGGAM Founders Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede Show The Love Of Christ To Many In Colorado!


I thank the Lord with all my being for my wife Sharon who is now traveling with me since she retired.  Sharon makes me a better man of God.  We are a precious team for Jesus!

We have been in Colorado for a week sharing the love of Jesus and getting to spend time together.  Our love for each other grows and grows!  Our love for Jesus also keeps growing! It makes for a wonderful life!  Jesus!  Jesus is the answer for everything!

Men, be sure to honor and love your wife as God’s Word says.

The ministry of FGGAM shares the light of Jesus to one person at a time!  Thanks to FGGAM’s News Director Chuck Akeley for all he does while we are on the road and to ALL the writers on Team Jesus!

By the way, we met a man in Colorado who is hoping to move to Los Alamos!  I shared with him that I am preaching in Los Alamos this Sunday (1/5/2023) at Open Door Bible Church, which is Pastor Paul Anthony Jaramillo’s church.  I’ll be visiting with this man about finding a church and walking with Jesus as time goes on!

Also, God gave us the opportunity to minister to people from Ukraine and to show the love of Jesus to Muslims during this trip!  No hate!  Love!  Love like Jesus!  Amen.

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