Is Hamas In The Bible?

Israel, We Declare Victory… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

We wait for the Lord, expectantly.

PRAY TEAM JESUS! U.S. Navy destroyer in Red Sea shoots down cruise missiles headed toward Israel. President Biden declares Israel and Ukraine support is vital for U.S. security.

CBN: On the Lebanese border today, Israel’s security forces began to evacuate thousands of residents from the city of Kiryat Shemona, relocating them to safer ground. Jerusalem’s War Cabinet may temporarily shut down the offices of the pro-Palestinian network Al Jazeera in Israel, citing its threat to national security. In the south, an Israeli Reserve General told CBN News a Gaza ground invasion is imminent, and added, “Now, everybody is praying.”

Staff packing supplies for displaced families

Christian Embassy blanketing Israel with prayer, relief aid

This week, the global network of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has been covering Israel with prevailing prayer amid a very difficult war, while holding pro-Israel rallies and reaching out to numerous national leaders on Israel’s behalf. Meanwhile, our Jerusalem staff has crisscrossed the country to deliver relief aid and express love and comfort to a people still in shock from a ruthless Hamas assault that touched the raw nerve of the Holocaust.

With the grave atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists in the opening hours of this conflict still coming to light, the IDF is poised to fight both Hamas in the South and the even greater threat of Hizbullah in the North. To aid in this multi-front battle, Israeli leaders have taken the unusual step of evacuating all the communities along the Gaza and Lebanese borders, including large cities like Sderot and Kiryat Shmona.

This unprecedented move means that tens of thousands of Israeli civilians have now been displaced from their homes and are being sheltered at guest houses, hotels, hostels and other facilities throughout the center of the country. Most of these uprooted civilians had to flee with the bare necessities. Among them are many shattered Jewish families that have lost loved ones, while other close relatives and neighbors are either missing or being held hostage in Gaza.

This week, teams of ICEJ staff headed in numerous directions to pack and deliver food parcels and hand out store vouchers and relief items to evacuees, while giving toys and games to disoriented children.

At a major food distribution center in Rishon LeZion, and ICEJ team showed up every day to help pack thousands of boxes of food supplies, clothing, and toiletries. While there, the staff had wonderful encounters with other Israeli volunteers, providing words of encouragement as they stood side-by-side packing these items.

At this critical time, Israelis need to know that millions of Christians worldwide are standing with them in their hour of need. Please give your best gift today at:



War Webinar- Calev and Shay

In the first hours of the brutal Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians along the Gaza border on 7 October, there were many heroes who confronted the terrorists and defended their families, homes and communities against much larger odds. Tragically, there were also many hostages taken by Hamas and other jihadists back into Gaza. On this week’s webinar, we heard from former MK Shay Hermesh, a survivor of the assault on Kfar Aza, about the heroism of those who helped rescue him from the village to safety. We also spoke to Calev Myers, an Israeli attorney appointed by Israeli authorities to help lead the Christian efforts to free the Israeli hostages held in Gaza.


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Rosh Chodesh 15 October 2023

See when your nation is praying and pray together with us during our Rosh Chodesh prayer chain until 22 October at 4PM (Israel time). We look forward to having you join us in an amazing time of prayer!


Esther Fast for Israel

This is a time when the Church is called to ascend to our spiritual vantage point and join in this battle, just as Moses prayed while Joshua was fighting Amalek on the ground! This is the time to call for an Esther Fast to approach the throne of God on behalf of His beloved people. Join the Global Esther Fast for Israel. Select three days to fast and pray for Israel during this critical time.


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