Social media may help connect people, but it also has serious impacts on impressionable users. Teens are especially vulnerable to the downsides of constant digital interactions. Not only can kids become addicted to cell phones and social media. But their self-image, body image, and mental health can suffer as a result. Depression and anxiety have spiked among teens, especially since the pandemic.

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From Pastor Dewey:

Tragically I hear hearing more reports of children doing bad things with all the technology available out there. Things I have never heard of or understand, BUT! Satan is using them to destroy our children. I had one dad tell me him and his wife monitor their daughter closely, but the child was able to surpass social media security measures they had set up. I had a dad tell me that the kids in a classroom at Albuquerque Public Schools bypassed the computer security system that was set up and got on the internet and looked at evil.  I do not know what SnapChat, Minecraft or ask.FM are! We should be aware of the danger of the narcissism (excessive self-love and preoccupation with self) inherent in self-oriented sites. The writer of this message, WHITNEY FLEMING writes: There seems to be a new breed of apps out there that are wreaking havoc on our children.

MANY ADULTS ARE ACTING AWFUL ON SOCIAL MEDIA ALSO!!! Too many are showing off their bodies, too much skin. Lack of self-esteem! My goodness! Why do adults’ show off their wounds or injuries on Facebook??? Pictures of cut fingers or legs??? Why??? Or drinking booze??? My goodness! Your children will mimic you. JESUS SEES YOU! If you gotta post pictures on Facebook to have someone say you are beautiful, you have a self-esteem issue! What does the Bible say that would apply to selfie culture? I am thankful that none of our adult children or grandchildren use social media! Sharon will not have anything to do with social media. If it was not for ministry work and staying in touch with my friends all over America, I would get off social media in a heartbeat!

For Every Mom:

As a mom, and a communications professional in the technology space, I’ve heard some pretty scary stories about kids’ use of social media. Predators lurking on Facebook, bullying happening via Twitter and even suspicious activity occurring on Minecraft.

As parents, we try to stay on top of what our kids are doing, but the technology seems to be outpacing our ability to monitor. And there seems to be a new breed of apps out there that are wreaking havoc on our children. SnapChat and ask.FM seem to be particularly problematic. Well, at least that was before a friend — someone I have no doubt is an engaged mother — wrote the following words to me: Story Here

Got Questions states: Christians who choose to participate in social networking should be aware of the negative aspects of social networking. It should be remembered that not everyone on the Internet has pure motives, and we should use safety precautions, utilize the privacy settings, and be selective as to who is accepted as a “friend” or “fan.” Parents should regularly interact with their children and be active participants in their child’s use of social networking sites. It’s also important to understand the impact our status, photo, comments, or blog posts may have in the future. It should be remembered that social networking sites involve publishing to the entire Internet, including family members, current and future employers, college admissions personnel, etc. The ramifications of any statements, both now and in the future, should be considered. It should be assumed that everything written is permanent and viewable by everyone. Furthermore, while maintaining relationships is important and healthy, addiction is not. Limiting the amount of time we devote to these social networking sites is both healthy and wise. More Here

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