The Associated Press (“AP NEWS”) is reporting that a private jet registered to the PMC Wagner Group has crashed north of Moscow.  The passenger list included PMC Wagner Group’s Chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin.  All ten persons on board the aircraft were reportedly killed.

Russia’s state news agency Tass cited emergency officials as saying that the plane carried three pilots and seven passengers.

The AP News report may be read HERE.

The Guardian has also reported in this matter and provided the following photograph of the burning aircraft:

Credit: The Guardian []

The PMC Wagner Group (“Wagner”) is a private military group led by Prigozhin.  Over recent years, Wagner has fought alongside Russia’s regular army in Ukraine, but it mounted a short-lived armed mutiny against Russia’s military leadership in June of this year.

The Kremlin ordered Prigozhin to be exiled to Belarus, with Wagner’s fighters having to retire, move to Belarus, or join the Russian military.  Wagner has established a military base in Belarus.  Whether foul play has occurred or today’s plane crash is truly an accident, remains to be determined.

FGGAM previously reported about Wagner’s mutiny against the Russian military on June 24, 2023.  The FGGAM article may be read HERE.

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