Fox News is reporting this morning about an 18-year-old, female military recruit who was forced to shower with biological males as part of the Biden administration’s transgender policies.  She complained about being placed in an “extremely uncomfortable position” but was afraid to speak out as it could harm her military career.

United States (“US”) Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) said that the matter was raised at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last Tuesday (7/11/2023).  The recruit’s options were reportedly slim and included resigning.

The Fox News report may be read HERE.

My brothers and sisters, it’s no wonder that US military recruiting efforts are generally failing!  How President Joe Biden claims that affirmatively incorporating transgender persons into the military ranks makes us “stronger” is a mystery to me, considering the utterly predictable outcome of having persons with male and female genitalia being forced to sleep next to each other and share the same bathrooms.

The best response, as is always the case, is to pray for this nation and its leadership, asking the Father to restore moral and sound reasoning in such matters.  What is being asked of our military right now in the era of “woke” politics and policies is antithetical to a strong war-fighting machine.

The second best response, as always, is found at the ballot box.  As a nation, we need to reach the understanding that the policies put forth (or promised) by elected officials should drive the election of our leaders in civil government, not necessarily our own personal (and sometimes selfish) desires.

I’ve said it many times and I stand by this.  I believe that one’s politics should be informed by one’s faith – not the other way around!  The name of the political party is not the issue!  When a leader claims that his or her faith will not impact how he or she will govern or adjudicate, we should look elsewhere for leadership.  We deserve honest and informed leaders of solid character in civil government – leaders who operate in God’s love and wisdom, and who govern to the best of their abilities in accordance with their faith.

Praise Jesus forevermore!

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