My message today is based on Ezekiel22:30
30 And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none. 30 “I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land.

Are you standing in the gap for God?

What are you doing today for JESUS?

Or do you attend the do-little-sit-more Church?

The present day Church in America’s biggest sin is not carrying our The Great Commission! Lack of baptisims and the failure to help grow up mature Christians. Not carrying out The Great Commission is a sin, because it is a COMMAND FROM JESUS! What is The Great Commission?

Barna Research: Just 4% of Americans have Biblical Worldview. Only 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview. Look around your community….see the results of this failure?

Papa Bill Ruhl – Global Destiny Ministry – Vice Chair FGGAM: When the Lord calls you, you set aside your “plow” (in Dewey’s case, his years of radio broadcasting) and pick up a new mantel. What does that look like? That’s exactly what Dewey asked me as we offloaded the last of his office belongings from the radio station into his garage. The answer: Proclaim the glory of God throughout the state, the nation, and, eventually, the world. But how he asked?! Listen to the Lord as He opens the doors and makes the way.

August 2023. The eighth month, a month of new beginnings and a month of celebration as the anniversary month for FGGAM.

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