Pastor Dewey Note: WONDERFUL NEWS FOLKS! Jerry and Kelly Stewart have really upped their game for GOD and America! I have known Jerry and Kelly for years, dating back to my KKIM radio days. I used to air their programs on KKIM. Jerry shares his writings with us here at FGGAM from time to time. I want to share with you this note that they sent me this week! PTL!!

Hi Dewey,

Guess what?  The new website is live!!!!!!!!  Please share with everyone – God is in charge!
Our Mission?
Jerry and I are a Patriot couple who believes in our Great Nation! Our Mission Statement is this:
When we look at our America, we see the greatest Nation in the world.  But what is it that makes our America so great?  Because God gave us this great land for His Glory – Almighty God is America’s True Father.  And the true stories that Jerry tells – show us, remind us all of God’s Place in our Nation.
So, instead of giving up on America; instead of just letting those who want to destroy the “greatness” of our Nation, and do their damage, we believe that we must all stand up for America and speak out so that all will know the true stories of America.  We must fight to save this great Nation, God’s America, the single greatest Nation in the world.
We need you to come alongside us and see all that we have to offer and what we are working to do to save our great Nation and Honor Almighty God.   So go now to the website and subscribe – you will get a free download of Jerry’s upcoming 4th of July program “The American Road” after signing up.
If you would also like to donate to our Ministry non-profit 501 (c)(3), go to the tab “Saving The Nation” and it will take you there.  Or you can visit and donate to help us with our mission after you subscribe to Jerry Stewart USA.
Thank you and God bless,
Jerry and Kelly Stewart

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